How Personalised Address Labels Can Help You Sell Kleeneze Products

Kleeneze distributors use a Kleeneze catalogue to show potential customers what it is they have to offer. The catalogue is often posted through the letterbox and left with the customer for a few days. The members of the household can then view the catalogue at their leisure and decide if they wish to purchase anything from it or not.

Many people find this a relaxing and enjoyable way to shop. When the distributor returns, the catalogue is collected and any orders are processed accordingly. These catalogues are then used again and again allowing others to view and buy the products too.

Personalised address labels can be very important for a person selling Kleeneze items and also for the customer too. Address labels featuring the personal details of the Kleeneze distributor applied to the catalogue allow customers to know who to contact if they want any more information about the products or require any help with ordering. These labels also help the distributors to monitor and collect their own catalogues as they are easily identifiable and may also help with sales as customers become used to a certain distributor and prefer to order from them .

It is easy to personalise address labels and by using different coloured labels, different fonts and by adding a picture or logo these labels can be really unique and eye-catching too. By applying these labels to Kleeneze catalogues, the customers can contact the distributor easily and know who they are buying from, and the distributor can establish a regular customer base and keep track of their very important catalogues.